USB LIHV Battery Charger

USB LIHV Battery Charger

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This USB charger is easy to use, accurate and safe. These three features are exactly the reasons for you to add it to your cart.

USB Charger

  • Convenience: Multiple discharge functions can fulfill various discharge demands, with maximum discharge current 240mAh.
  • Accuracy: The software is configured to realize high accuracy of charging and discharging of High-Low voltage lithium batteries.
  • Safety: Double independent overcharge protection can prevent device from damaging.


  • Charging voltage: 4.9-5.5V
  • Charging current (configurable): 600mAh
  • Maximum discharging current: 240mAh
  • Discharging voltage accuracy: ±20mv
  • Cut-off-charge current: >60mAh
  • Accuracy of charging current control: ±15mAh
  • Successive flash-High voltage lithium battery: 4.35V
  • Charging time protection (configurable) ≤65535s
  • Discharging capacity (configurable) ≤65535mAh
  • Low voltage protection: 2.7V
  • Wrong polarity protection


1 * USB charger
1 * USB charger Adapter (Option)