GEPRC LiHV 4S 720mAh 100C Battery

GEPRC LiHV 4S 720mAh 100C Battery

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GEPRC LiHV 4S 720mAh 100C high voltage battery is specially designed for 2-4 inch quadcopter.

LiHV batteries adopt a safe and stable formulatechnology,, resulting in strong and stable discharge and long cycle life.

Compared with ordinary batteries, high-voltage batteries have higher power, longer battery life, higher discharge rate, and more powerful power. At the same capacity, high-voltage batteries are smaller and lighter.

We are pursuing high-voltage batteries with smaller size, lighter weight, stronger power and larger capacity.


  1.  Sufficient battery capacity and high energy density
  2.  Continuous high-rate discharge, strong flight power
  3.  Small size, light weight, ultimate light flying experience
  4. Excellent quality and long service life


  • Battery type: LiHV
  • Rated voltage: 15.2V
  • Capacity: 720mAh
  • Discharge rate: 100C
  • Battery core combination: 4S 1P
  • Dimension: 30*18*71mm
  • Weight: 72g
  • Silicone wire: 18AWG
  • Plug model: XT30
  • Minimum discharge voltage: 14V
  • Suitable for: 2-4 inch quadcopters


1x LiHV 4S 720mAh 100C Battery