FrSky Receiver R-XSR with Telemetry - ElectroYA RC ...

FrSky Receiver R-XSR with Telemetry - ElectroYA RC ...

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FrSky Receiver

Frsky ultra mini receiver R-XSR is the evolution of the receiver XSR. The FRSKY R-XSR is a receiver that has the same functions as the XSR but it is almost an 1 / 3 in size and weight. in addition to being smaller in size integrates the IPEX connectors in the antennas what makes the change is very simple and fasil.

Mini size and very light weight

Smart Port for bidirectional telemetry

switchable SBUS and CPPM output

IPEX connector for antenna change

Measures 16 * 11 * 5,4mm

Weight 1,5g

SBUS Modes D16 16 channels

Mode CPPM D8 8 channels

Download Manual

To change the Firmware by SmartPort FCC is International and LBT is European with support of PID and Telemetry

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