BETAFPV-LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter ELRS
BETAFPV-LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter ELRS
BETAFPV-LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter ELRS
BETAFPV-LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter ELRS

BETAFPV-LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter ELRS

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BETAFPV is specially offering the black version of the LiteRadio 2 transmitter. A Brand-new all-black appearance perfectly fits the Black Friday holiday and brings a different flight experience.

Please note: the black Literadio2 only offered left stick throttle with Frsky version.

After the latest round of beta test, LiteRadio 2 is back to the market with huge improvements based on the original version.

  • Supports Frsky protocol, easily change Frsky D8, Frsky D16 FCC and Frsky D16 LBT mode (The default version is Frsky D16 FCC)
  • Built-in charging module, support USB charging 
  • Adopted the rubber coat and add weight, makes it more ergonomic
  • Add vibration motor, provide a vibrating prompt
  • Redesign the power button, make it crystal clear and better for the LED indication

Special thanks for the review of UAVfutures, it is a great help for fans to make the right value choices.



    Bullet Point

    • Designed for FPV racing starters, and supports Bayang protocol and Frsky protocol (D16/ D8)
    • LiteRadio 2 is powered by OpenTX firmware. Totally 8 channels and has a hobby-grade gimbal. 
    • This radio transmitter acts as a USB Joystick when connected to a personal computer. So you could use it to play FPV simulator like EREADRONE
    • The trainer function is available for this LiteRadio 2 transmitter. It is useful for FPV racing student in training
    • LiteRadio 2 transmitter runs the OpenTX 2.2.4 firmware. OpenTX comes with a computer-based graphical user interface, OpenTX Companion. Pilots could use OpenTX Companion is trim the gimbal central value
    • With the hobby-grade gimbal and adopted the rubber coat, makes it more ergonomic


      • Item: LiteRadio 2
      • Frequency Range: 2.4G (2403MHz-2447MHz)
      • 2.4G System: NRF24L01 or CC2500
      • Channel: 8
      • System: Bayang Protocol / Frsky Protocol 
      • Power: ≤80mw
      • Model Type: Multi-rotor
      • Support USB Charging
      • Support FPV Simulator Connected
      • Output: PPM, support Student Radio Mode
      • LED Light: Green-Power On / Red-Warning / Blue-Normal
      • Battery: 350mAh 2S Battery 
      • Weight: 227.4g (with battery)


      • รายการ: LiteRadio 2
      • ช่วงความถี่: 2.4G (2403MHz-2447MHz)
      • ระบบ 2.4G: NRF24L01 หรือ CC2500
      • ช่อง : 8
      • ระบบ: โปรโตคอล Bayang / โปรโตคอล Frsky
      • กำลังไฟ: ≤80mw
      • ประเภทรุ่น: มัลติโรเตอร์
      • รองรับการชาร์จ USB
      • รองรับการเชื่อมต่อ FPV Simulator แล้ว
      • เอาต์พุต: PPM รองรับโหมดวิทยุนักเรียน
      • ไฟ LED: สีเขียว-เปิด/สีแดง-คำเตือน/สีน้ำเงิน-ปกติ
      • แบตเตอรี่: แบตเตอรี่ 350mAh 2S
      • น้ำหนัก: 227.4 กรัม (พร้อมแบตเตอรี่)

      How to change the protocol (D16/D8 Version)

      To change FrSky protocols (FCC D16, EU D16, or D8), you first have to power it off, then press and hold the bind button while you power it back on. Then it will flash the code to indicate which protocol it is on. 
      LED Status Protocol Version
      Flash Once Frsky D16 FCC
      Flash Twice  Frsky D16 LBT
      Flash Three Times  Frsky D8

      LiteRadio 2 Guide

      Manual for LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
      LiteRadio Configuration - OpenTX Companion
      Setup E.G. #1 - Trim the Gimbal Central Value
      Watch the following video to learn about how to use your LiteRadio 2



      LiteRadio 2 Advanced Modifications

      Special thanks to Dirk Gausmann who provided this foldable screen idea to help fans make their own monitor, it supports to add any module like R9M Lite Module or crossfire module. If you are interested, please check the link to know the specific steps to make your own advanced LiteRadio 2.

      Diagram of LiteRadio 2


      • 1 * LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
      • 1 * 350mAh 2S Battery