Betafpv มอเตอร์ 0802 Brushless Motors 17500KV

Betafpv มอเตอร์ 0802 Brushless Motors 17500KV

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0802 motors come with three different KV -- 19500KV, 17500KV and 12000KV.

Awesome performance on power and thrust, perfect design on dynamic balance, high recommend for brushless whoop drone. There are 3 different KV value for your choice, you can pick the perfect motor for your drone. A 1.0mm header pins connector is included. So no soldering needed, just plug and play.

0802 Brushless Motors 19500KV/ 17500KV/ 12000KV

0802 Motors Recommend Battery Voltage
19500KV 1S 3.7V
17500KV 1S 3.7V
12000KV 2S 7.4V

Note: DO NOT recommend the 17500KV / 19500KV 0802 motors for 2S power. If you try this combo, the motors will overheat and burn (maybe the ESC). As a result, it will cause permanently damage on the motor or ESC.


  • 0802 19500KV/17500KV motors are suitable for 1S brushless drone - Beta65 Pro and Beta75 Pro
  • 0802 12000KV motors are for 2S brushless drone, like Beta65 Pro 2 and Beta75 Pro 2. The representation for power, experience the fast and powerful outdoor flight.
  • Perfect for indoor high-speed flying, the power of 19500KV motors are obviously improved with the flight time of 3mins.
  • Shaft diameter is 1.0mm, come with Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector, convenience for installation.
  • Compatible with 1S and 2S lipo battery, focusing on power, efficiency and durability.
0802 Brushless Motors 19500KV/ 17500KV/ 12000KV

Here is a specification comparison of the 19500KV, 17500KV and 12000KV motors.

  • Flying time is the time from OSD voltage value 4.3V->2.8V.
  • All tested with 4-blades props, 30mm props or 40mm props.
  • All flight time are tested on full charged 300mAh batteries.
  • 19500 KV and 17500 KV motors are tested on Beta65 Pro 1S while12000KV motors are tested on Beta 65 Pro 2.

0802 Brushless Motors 19500KV/ 17500KV/ 12000KV


0802 17500KV /19500KV Motor:

0802 12000KV Motor:


  • 4 * BETAFPV 0802 Brushless Motors(19500KV/17500KV/12000KV)
  • 1 * Pack of M1.6*4 screws